Welcome to Feathers and Fossils. Let’s run through all the things crafted for your enjoyment:

1) Live Streams:  Six, high-definition live cameras running 24/7 as we know that sometimes a single view may not have noteworthy activity.  With six, chances are really good to see something cool.

2) Pet Advice:  As a dual-state licensed Veterinarian, it is our pleasure to provide general advice and recommendations to help you and your beloved household pets.

3) Birds & Animals:  When you catch something on cam, or hear a particular sound, you can open up another page to see the full list of the birds and animals that live around our property. We included some of the flora too.  If you see something that we haven't listed, please reach out to us.

4) Fossils:  As a family, we regularly go exploring to see what we can find when it comes to dozens of different sea creatures that lived 65 million years ago.

5) Shop:  If you think our Feathers and Fossils mission is pretty cool, we offer a number of ways to have our logo branded on gear you might like.  Also, a way to buy things you see on our cameras.  If you purchase things through the links, it helps support the website.

6) Collaborations:  We are fortunate to have these organizations also believe that preserving nature is important. If you would like to join this list, please reach out to us.

Livestream Guidance

We set up our cameras around our main homestead so we can be sure to bring the best possible, fiber-enabled views and sounds to you. As you enjoy the cams, we recommend checking in often to see which of the six livestreams speaks to you.

That said, there will be times where you may see a “Family Time in Progress, Please Check Back Soon” message on our Cam View. We thank you for your understanding as we do our best to weave together the awesome nature views in relation to our family having private time as well.

Cam 1, Bird Aquarium

An array of feeders greet you and each one provides a unique seed type that caters to our local array of birds. The goal of this view was to show the dynamic amount of activity and allow you to take in the full spectrum of sounds.

Bird Activity Feeders:


Cam 2, Tray Feeder

Here is a great close-up opportunity of birds you may see on the Bird Activity Cam, as this one provides a better option to see birds of all sizes hop on the tray to get a bite to eat. During the day and into twilight hours, you may also see our squirrel or cottontail rabbit cruise on over to nibble around. Don’t forget about our nighttime animal visitors (full list on “Birds and Animals” page).  Also in the background, you will see our recently planted trees grow up before your eyes. The near one on the right is a Burr Oak and the one in the left background is a Red Oak.

Wild Birds Unlimited Feeder Tray

Kaytee Wild Bird Ultimate Birder's Blend

Artificial Rock Cover

Cam 3, Goldfinches

How many American Goldfinches can you fit on a Kay-Tee Sock Feeder? Well, take a close-up view and find out! The current record is 10 and if you think you see more, please snap a pic and send it to us.

Kaytee Finch Station 2
Wagner's Nyjer Seed


Cam 4, Hummingbirds or Sunflower Hearts Feeder

From early March through the first cold snap we get (usually October), we have some fantastic views of our black-chinned and ruby-throated hummingbirds. The males, females, and juveniles all display unique feather patterns. We just love our First Nature feeders, as they provide just the right amount of sugar water to last a good while, will empty before any spoiling of the nectar, and are easy to clean in between fillings. When the hummingbirds migrate away, we adjust to a sunflower hearts feeder to attract an array of other birds for the fall / winter.

First Nature Hummingbird Feeder

Feeder Hook

Cam 5, Hill Country View

With three First Nature feeders to choose from, we attract a large number of hummingbirds! We understand that like the Bird Activity Cam, the exact details and colors might be tough to see. At the same time, to see the dance, sounds, and literal buzz of activity around these feeders (and natural nectar flowers) is a sight to behold.

We also have a few gorgeous pair of yellow Scott’s Orioles that have figured out how to drink from the feeders. They come through multiple times during the day so chances are you will catch them on cam.

First Nature Hummingbird Feeder

Feeder Hook

Garden Wagon

Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planter

Cam 6, Vultures & Wildlife

Vultures: When you first see or hear about the word “vulture”, a less-than-ideal image or impression may come to mind. Now that we have been able to see them up close, we continue to be impressed by their size, social behavior, and sunning poses. Best yet, when you get the chance to hear their wingbeats when they take off.  Along with both the Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures, you will also see American Crows and Caracaras.

Wildlife: This camera was thoughtfully placed to have the low fence on one side (where the vultures like to perch / sun themselves) and the deer feeder on the other side so we can also get some views of our whitetail deer friends. The best activity here is twilight and through the night where we have many different visitors trot on by for a drink or to look for a snack.

Behrens Steel Oval Tub

Behrens Circle Tub