Since we moved to the Texas Hill Country a few years ago, we have been continually amazed by how many special moments there are in nature.  Given how much we saw and then wanting to share the joy it brings, Feathers and Fossils was born.

As you would expect, the “Feathers” name comes from all the birds that bring us the sounds and sights of their species.  From seasonal hummingbirds to year-round goldfinches, there is always a colorful feather to see, coupled with a unique song that they sing.

Next, we are living during the perfect time to find (without any digging) fossils of sea creatures.  Our Fossil Hunts have become quite fun, and we never know what kind of unique creature we will find.  We again wanted to share these treasures and little pieces of history.

Lastly, our goal is to provide a thoughtful forum for household pet owners.  We know you have many decisions to make when caring for a pet, and our goal is to provide insightful articles / provide recommendations that are helpful.

We hope that you find a connection to Feathers and Fossils, and be sure to stay close as we will always be exploring new ways to share nature with you.  Our sincere thanks!

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