Indoor Cat Entertainment


Keeping your cat indoors undoubtedly improves their health and lifespan. By staying indoors, they avoid dangers such as cars, wildlife predators (coyotes, hawks, owls, and more), and squabbles with neighborhood cats. Indoor cats don’t accidentally get stuck in a neighbor’s garage, or find themselves scaling a fence to get away from an unfriendly dog. However, our indoor-only cats do face other challenges, namely how to keep themselves occupied day after day in a very limited environment. But with a little effort from their owners, these cats can have enough stimulation and excitement to keep them happy as well as healthy.


When we think of “cat toys”, most of us think of little fabric mice, perhaps with some catnip inside. Those are a standard, it’s true, but there are so many other options out there! 

Check out this automatic laser toy, that plays with your cat for you! The laser light uses random motion, so your cat won’t be able to predict where it will go next. It also is motion-activated no more than once every 2 hours, so your cat won’t become bored with it. Ours has been going strong for the past 3 months, and both cats still LOVE this interactive toy! 

This mechanical bird is another great example of all the choices out there. Motion activates it to chirp and flaps its wings. As a bonus, your kids might also like to play with it – ours do!


Providing video entertainment is another great way to keep your indoor cat stimulated and happy. YouTube has many good options, such as these videos of large aquarium tanks. Or check out our YouTube Channel, where we have great videos of hummingbirds, vultures, and our songbird feeders that will surely catch your cat’s attention. They provide nice ambience while working or relaxing, too!


If you’d like to bring outdoor entertainment a little closer to your cat, consider a window bird feeder. This one has strong suction cups to attach on the outside of your window. And this one inserts into a window that opens vertically to allow for an even closer encounter.

A catio (think “cat patio”) is an excellent way to give your cat access to the outdoors while maintaining their safety. We installed a catio at our house several years ago, and we’ve been thrilled with its benefits. Our cat litter boxes are out there, so the smell and litter tracking is removed from the inside of our house. The unit we chose has multiple levels that allow for climbing and jumping, and the sturdy construction provides protection against the wildlife that shares our property. This truly has been a perfect solution for us! Check them out here.


For a comprehensive source on improving your indoor cat’s quality of life, visit the Indoor Pet Initiative website. This group at The Ohio State University is a fantastic resource for all cat owners. Whether you’ve just adopted a cat for the first time or you’ve had feline friends for many years – this is an excellent resource for all of us!