Senior Pet Comfort

A dog in a stroller with its head out the window.

NEW TRICKS FOR OLD DOGS (AND CATS): HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PET’S COMFORT AS THEY AGE Now that I’ve entered my 40s, I’m becoming more aware of the importance of…

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Senior Pet Care

A dog is being petted by someone else.

As a veterinarian, I absolutely love to see senior pets. In most cases, these dogs and cats have been an important part of the family for many years now, but…

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Achey Breaky Heartworms

A dog and cat sitting next to each other.

“My dog can’t get heartworms, he barely ever goes outside.†“Fifi doesn’t need to be tested for heartworms – I never see worms in her stool.†“I have an indoor-only…

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Puppy Vaccine Timing

A dog being vaccinated by a vet.

Congratulations, you’ve adopted a new puppy or kitten! You’re probably looking forward to introducing your new “baby†to your home, to your family or roommates, and to the other pets…

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